What’s it like to experience true opiate and alcohol recovery in the company of medical professionals who truly take an individualized approach to your recovery?  How about a support system that takes into account exactly what you’re going through?  How about a private chef who serves you three hot gourmet meals each and every day? Visit our rehabs in Ohio facility today for a quality drug rehab Cincinnati program.

Get the treatment you deserve at our Drug Rehab Cincinnati Center –
The Greater Cincinnati Area’s Full-Service Rehabs In Ohio.


5 Stars Review

“This treatment center is a beautiful building, but what really matters is that they offer a counseling after detox on a level I have never seen before at any other place. They truly save lives! The Nursing staff is very kind and friendly! On another note, The Chef is fantastic as well and the food is superb.”

5 Stars Review

“Top notch facility. If you are serious about beginning your journey in recovery, then this place is a perfect fit. Something special is here. You will get exactly what you want out of recovery if you put exactly what you need into it. priceless tools for a solid foundation in life can be found here.”

5 Stars Review

“It began this transformation that I never saw coming. They held my hand, they cried with me, and they got real and raw with me. My most intimate experiences there had nothing to do with money, power, or status. It came from their heart and desire to help me understand the disease of addiction and help me learn a new way of life. I’m forever grateful.”

5 Stars Review

“Everything about this place was 5-star, the staff the cooks, absolutely everything was fantastic. They genuinely care about recovery and treat you like a human being. The staff comes from self-experience, so it’s not dr.’s telling you what’s wrong. Their approach is cutting edge to recovery and I believe they should be recognized for their approach, they’re doing something great there and I’m blessed to have been a part of it.”

5 Stars Review

“Lumiere worked for me and after 40 years of alcoholism I am finally confident in my recovery. The counselors were very well educated and experienced. I learned more about my disease and myself than I have all of my life. The food was abundant and very good. The rooms were comfortable and I slept well. Now I have the knowledge and the strength I will use for the rest of my life. Thank you to the entire staff who I know are all dedicated to helping those of us in need.”

Addiction Treatment and Recovery


Cincinnati Addiction Rehab & Recovery center offers a fully comprehensive step-down treatment model for those individuals battling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our programs are led by our caring and compassionate team of addiction professionals who will help guide you throughout your recovery process at our rehabs in Ohio.


Drug & alcohol DETOX

Also referred to as our withdrawal management program, our compassionate staff is here 24/7 to help you safely and comfortably recover during the detoxification process of drugs and alcohol.


Inpatient Addiction Rehab

Our inpatient addiction rehab program is centered around providing our clients with the most effective recovery techniques to ensure a long-term sustained sobriety.  A key component during this portion of treatment is our counseling and therapy programs.  We spend time not only focusing on your unique history with addiction, but also the underlying reasons that drive your need for substance abuse.


Intensive Outpatient Treatment

With the flexibility to go home and sleep in your own bed at night, our IOP program, also known as partial-hospitalization is the bridge between residential recovery and getting you back to the normalcies of your everyday life.


Outpatient Addiction

Our outpatient addiction treatment program is the next step down in our treatment model and is designed to help transition you back towards getting re-acclimated to a sober way of life in the real world.


Recovery Aftercare

The truth is – a recovery journey never ends.  For this reason, we believe our care and support for our clients shouldn’t either.  Once you walk out our doors, this does not mean you’re on your own.  You’ll be provided all the tools you need along with a network and support system to ensure you stay on the right path towards building a life filled with happiness and long-term sobriety.

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