“Our state-of-the-art addiction rehabs in Ohio center was designed with peace and serenity at mind because we believe in providing all our clients with a service that’s comparable to what you would receive at 5-star resort…”

Exceptional Accommodations & Amenities

  • Luxury Accommodations
  • Transportation Services
  • Beautiful Landscape & Scenery
  • Private Golf Course
  • Putting Greens
  • Private Basketball & Sports Courts
  • Executive Chef Team
  • Delicious Meals
  • Yoga, Exercise & Fitness
  • Music & Arts Therapy
  • Private Rooms/Bathrooms
  • Catered Laundry
  • And Much More

A top priority of our addiction rehabs in Ohio center is your comfort, so our goal is make you feel as close to home as possible. Whether you need some new linens in your bedroom or you would like our Chef to prepare your favorite home-cooked meal, we’ll cater to you on an individual level so you can focus on your recovery at our drug rehab Cincinnati Ohio center.

Our Philosophy

Our rehabilitation center knows the difficulty of the path to sobriety. We offer patient-centric care that gives you the medical care, emotional support, and cognitive therapy you need to make the positive changes in your life. We know that drug and alcohol withdrawal are physically and emotionally draining and often painful experiences, but we guarantee care that provides comfort during these tough times. You are not alone here. As soon as you make the call, you are welcomed into our Cincinnati Rehab community.


At Cincinnati Addiction Rehab & Recovery, we offer non-judgmental and confidential care. Respect for your privacy and your recovery journey is the staple of our approach to treatment. We know the courage it takes to set out on a path to long-lasting sobriety, and our main concern is your physical and emotional well-being as you take these essential steps forward. Every step of the program will remain confidential and your anonymity is respected at our rehabs in Ohio.

Map Marker

7593 Tylers Pl Blvd Suite 100,
West Chester, OH 45069

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM


7593 Tylers Pl Blvd #100, West Chester Township, OH 45069, USA